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Caroline Noonan-Edwards, Director, Media and Communications

The role of Media and Communications is to coordinate community engagement strategies, plan and lead the promotion of health services, manage and monitor media exposure and produce effective and engaging staff communications.

In line with this, Media and Communications are also responsible for assisting departments/services with all media enquiries across our District. This includes patient condition updates, radio and TV interviews, liaising with newspapers, media monitoring and producing the Year In Review. We also manage major service events such as launches, promotions and functions.

Media and Communications works collaboratively to improve community relations by strengthening existing and developing new strong partnerships with media and the community to improve understanding of health services and issues among the local population.

Media and Communications is committed to promoting and encouraging attitudes and practices that generate a positive reputation for our health service in the local community and among the people who work in healthcare.

The unit supports research and corporate communication through consultation, photography, video production, digital and social media.

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Friday, 6 April 2018 9:31:04 AM