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Environmental Sustainability

Supporting everyone in our community to be healthy and well has always been our first priority. To continue our deeply-felt responsibility caring for the health of our patients, staff and our wider community, we are extending this same level of care and responsibility to the environment we live in.


Our Sustainability Plan touches all areas of our organisation, presenting many opportunities to help us to become increasingly resilient in the face of climate change. We are currently focussed on:

  • Reducing our pollution and preparing for the effects of climate change on health care
  • Improving building comfort
  • Encouraging staff engagement in sustainable activity
  • Reducing waste of utilities fuel, and waste to landfill
  • Encouraging innovation in buildings and service delivery
In delivering around the clock health care services, evidence shows Australian health care facilities contribute as much as 7% to greenhouse gas emissions. Recognising climate change’s threat to health, we are strongly committed to reducing our carbon emissions and contributing to the NSW Government’s target of reaching a net-zero emissions target by 2050.

"Our sustainability projects will make our facilities more adaptable and energy efficient. We are working towards a sustainable, healthier and greener future for our community, patients and staff”

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