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Vision, Values and Goals

Our Vision

Together, Achieving Better Health

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District will drive innovation and excellence in health service delivery that provides safe, equitable, high quality, accessible, timely and efficient services that are responsive to the needs of patients and the community.

Our Values

The NSW Ministry of Health values of CORE and the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District values of SAFER underpin all planning processes and health service delivery.

The CORE values are:



Collaboration   Safety
Openess   Agility & responsiveness
Respect   Fairness
Empowerment    Excellence 
    Resource Effectiveness


We work actively with our staff, partners and community to achieve District goals and improve levels of healthcare services.


We encourage the sharing of ideas and open communication to ensure our stakeholders have the opportunity to contribute and provide constructive feedback. 


We treat each other as we would like to be treated and show regard for everyone’s capabilities, roles and backgrounds. We ensure the impacts of our actions are thoughtful to others. 


We celebrate growth, development and success and reflect on and learn from all our experiences. 

The SAFER values are:

SAFER Values 


We maintain a strong culture where safety is everyone’s responsibility, and is supported by sound practices, policies and procedures.

Agility and responsiveness

We engage with the community to deliver new, innovative and research based healthcare that meet the needs of a growing population.  

Fairness and Equity

We provide fair and equal access to healthcare for all of our community and work to redress inequalities experienced by minority groups, including refugees, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse families. 


We pursue excellence in everything we do and strive to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation. 

Resource effectiveness

We live within our means and use our resources effectively to ensure evidence-based care is affordable and benefits our community. 

Organisational Goals 

Triple Aim

The Triple Aim is our core business. The objectives of the Triple Aim encourage us to take an integrated approach to align improvement across the whole system.

The three Triple Aim organisational goals of the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District are:

  • Improving population health (inequalities and localities)
  • Enhancing the patient experience (clinical quality, access and safety)
  • Living within our means (service and financial performance).

It should be noted that no one goal is more important than another and all three must be worked on simultaneously.

These are all objectives of health and provide the basis for our prioritisation process, ensuring Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District delivers safe and high quality services, which provide value for money and the best health outcomes for the population. 

Organisational Goals for Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

Organisational goals




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