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Drug and Alcohol

People experiment and use drugs for many different reasons, but without a doubt can lead to harmful effects to one’s health, work or employment, family and social interactions and bring the potential for serious legal issues.

Blue Mountains Hospital provides an opiate treatment program out of its Woodlands Clinic. “For some people, they will require long-term treatments but many of our clients successfully withdraw from drug use with the help of our drug and alcohol counsellors. Some clients we see as little as every 3 months but for others who need more help, we might see them every day,” Acting NUM, Martin Clements says.

The service works closely with Drug and Alcohol counsellors in the Health Districts community health centres to ensure good through care for our patients and the hospital has access to specialist advice from the Nepean Centre of Addiction Medicine. Staff work with patients to understand their individual needs and provide emotional support through every challenge to prevent craving and relapse,” Martin added.

Patients in the wards can also access drug and alcohol services while staying in hospital including Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). “Being in hospital can be very de-stabilising for some people who might find themselves suffering from nicotine or alcohol withdrawal on top of recovering from an illness or surgical procedure,” Martin says. “We make sure patients who need help with drug or alcohol addiction are keyed into every service, and provided with the education and referrals they need to get the right support.” Patients of Blue Mountains have priority access to the specialist inpatient withdrawal unit at Nepean if patients would like to continue their drug and alcohol treatment.

If you’re worried about your own, a friend or family member’s drug use, it’s important to know that help is available. The staff are also happy to speak with anyone who has concerns for a loved one and help you support them through their recovery.

Central Intake Number: 1300 661 050 (24/7 service)

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