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Operating Theatres

Low to moderate risk booked surgery is the focus for the Operating Theatres at Blue Mountains Hospital.

Theatres also runs weekly consultant-led clinics for people who have a referral for moderate-risk surgery – meaning many patients with a hernia diagnosis, requiring gallbladder surgery no longer need to travel down to Penrith to see a consultant in their private rooms.

“The Outpatients Hernia and Gallbladder Clinic ensures improved access for Blue Mountains patients to surgical consultations for adult patients with hernias, gallstones. All you need to do is attend the clinic with a referral from your GP, plus an ultrasound report for gallbladder patients, and phone 4784 6552,” NUM, Mylee Hale says.

Despite a 69% increase in semi-urgent surgical performance as a result of taking on additional surgical cases from Nepean (compared to 2014), 99% of patients receive treatment within the recommended timeframe.

“Blue Mountains Hospital operates on low to moderate risk patients while Springwood Hospital does low risk surgery,” Mylee added.

Blue Mountains and Nepean Hospitals have been working closely together to ensure all patients have their surgery within the timeframe the surgeon has requested. To achieve this, Blue Mountains is expanding general surgery and gynaecology surgery. Eleven Nepean surgeons and four gynaecologists now operate at Blue Mountains Hospital.

To achieve this, a second operating suite has been opened and an increase in staffing has occurred.

Blue Mountains Operating Theatre has also commenced a Productive Operating Theatre project to ensure the environment and process are streamlined to maximise efficiency.

BMDAMH Operating Theatres 




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