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Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) Tracy Mullavey says hips and knees are the specialty for the rehab ward at Blue Mountains Hospital and they are arguably the best in the business at getting people back on their feet. Undergoing a refurbishment a few years ago, Tracy says the ward boasts a communal dining room for making sure patients feel ‘part of the family’, a fabulous Rotary garden and of course a gym. All year round comfort with underfloor heating is a plus and located adjacent to the hydrotherapy pool, it’s the best place to recover.

The ward has 24 beds and often treats patients who’ve had their surgery at Nepean or another large hospital. “Hip-replacements are a common one,” Tracy says. “And we remind locals who might have their specialist surgery elsewhere, to make sure they ask to be transferred up to Blue Mountains for rehab.” Tracy says her staff pride themselves on their teamwork and in 2014 the ward won a Quality Award for an innovative model of care to improve clinical handover and provide better patient care. We have two rehabilitation specialists, a Registrar and RMO to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

Tracy says she often has knee surgery patients that return to her ward for rehab following a second surgery. “It’s nice to have people say, ‘we wanted to come back up to you.’”

The ward also specialises in caring for spinal and neurological patients, those with MS and Parkinson’s and provides an outpatient clinic for hips and knees and works with occupational therapy to provide home assessments for discharge planning.

The rehab ward also manages two palliative care family suites. A unique concept, the suites provide an adjoining but separate room with kitchenette, bathroom, TV, fold-out lounge and direct access to the garden, so family members can be close to their loved ones. Patients are cared for by the palliative care physicians who work across all our hospitals.




Wednesday, 16 September 2015 12:34:18 PM