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With the recent appointment of Senior Staff Specialist, Dr Andrew Haig in the role of Medical Director and A/Nurse Unit Manager Jamieleigh Petersen, the Emergency Department at Blue Mountains Hospital is under new management and aims to provide gold standard patient care every time. NUM Jamieleigh says the staff at Blue Mountains Hospital are continuing to work hard to improve the patient experience and we have emergency specialists and senior doctors rostered 24/7 in our ED.

“By ensuring clinical quality of care, increasing access to health services, maintaining patient safety and keeping in line with the Local Health District’s strategic plan we can be responsive to patient demand,” Jamieleigh says. The Emergency Department has also implemented a project called ‘Productive ED’ to maximise efficiency and allow more time for nurses to care for patients at the bedside.

This year we have appointed a Nurse Practitioner, Cate Salter who treats patients in our ED. “For patients who don’t need to be admitted but may require follow up, Cate is able to visit patients in their home after discharge from Emergency,” Jamieleigh says. “By providing this unique continuing care service we can help keep patients at home and avoid re-presentations to emergency.”

Jamieleigh wants to welcome all Blue Mountains residents and says the Hospital is focussed on the community and new ways of working. “As a service we encourage the Blue Mountains community to attend Blue Mountains Hospital ED for safe, equitable, accessible, timely and efficient high quality care.”

Dr Andrew Haig says research shows that prolonged length of stay within the ED can result in poorer patient outcomes. “The National Emergency Access Targets (NEAT) suggests that by the end of 2015, 90% of all patients should leave ED within four hours,” Andrew says. “As of the week ending 30 August, staff in the ED are meeting, treating or admitting, 83% of all emergency presentations within four hours. This is well above the state average of 73%.”

“At Blue Mountains ED we are driven to ensure our care is always exemplar,” Jamieleigh added.

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015 1:06:51 PM