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Compliments and Complaints

We want to hear from you about any compliments or complaints you have about the care and services provided by us. It is often best to speak first with a member of your health care team or the Nurse Unit Manager of your ward. If you are still not satisfied or feel uncomfortable in having this conversation, you can contact the key staff listed below.

We value your feedback. The Feedback & Complaints Officer will assist you in having your concerns addressed by the appropriate member of staff, and review feedback to identify where we have done well, or where improvement is required.

Receiving compliments

We love to hear when you or a family member or friend has had a positive experience, so please let us know - either directly to the health care team, or through the Feedback & Complaints team. We will share your feedback with the staff.

Responding to complaints

We take feedback received from our patients, their families and friends, and other users of our services seriously.

Our commitment to you - when a complaint is made. We will:

  • Work to deal with all feedback in a manner that is effective, complete, and fair for all involved.
  • Provide you with information about what you can expect from the complaint process, and keep you updated as your complaint is considered.
  • Work to find ways so that providing feedback is accessible to all.
  • Assure you that your care will not be negatively impacted in any way as a result of making a complaint.
  • Provide you with information about alternative complaint channels, such as the Health Care Complaints Commission, or offer guidance on what to do if you are unhappy with the response received.
  • Use information gained from complaints and other feedback to consider how we can improve the care and services provided by us.

If you are making a complaint, you are asked to:

  • Provide your feedback at the earliest opportunity,and offer as much information as possible to support a thorough and fair response.
  • Treat staff with courtesy and consideration.
  • If the feedback relates to the care of another person, understand that we require that person’s permission before any personal information can be released.
  • Not knowingly provide any false or misleading feedback.
Compliments and Complaints Key Staff Contact Details
Location Telephone / Email
 Nepean Hospital
02 4734 3174
 Blue Mountains / Springwood
02 4784 6514 
 Lithgow / Portland
02 6350 2325
 Mental Health
02 4734 1912
 Drug and Alcohol
 Oral Health
02 4734 2387
 Primary Care and Community Health
02 4734 3834





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