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Youth Drug and Alcohol Service (YDAS)

The Youth Drug and Alcohol team provides a specialist service for young people aged 12-20 years old who need help with drug and alcohol use.

The team is flexible and responsive to the young person’s needs and provides services such as drug and alcohol assessment, counselling and case management and also works with young people in regards to their own substance use, or the substance use of family members. The youth team is able to work collaboratively with other youth service providers in the areas of housing, medical and health issues, mental health, education and training programs, recreational and diversional programs as well as many other services.

Health workers for young people experiencing substance related issues provide services at St Marys, Katoomba, headspace Penrith as well as to the Centre of Addiction Medicine, Nepean Hospital.

For further information, please contact a health worker from the Youth D&A Service.




Tuesday, 8 October 2019 9:36:03 AM