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Education and Training Model

Image of student teacher and student acting as patient - lying on bed


The aim of the NBMLHD Education and Training Model is to assist in addressing the District’s Key Strategic directions through optimal Education and Training that results in a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that are engaged and valued resulting in optimal patient outcomes.

The Education and Training Model in the NBMLHD, assists in addressing the District’s Key Strategic directions of:

  1. Improving population health through developing and strengthening partnerships with key NSW government agencies, local government, schools, general practice and Medicare locals by implementing schools based programs, traineeships and education related to integrated care
  2. Enhancing the patient experience though communicating effectively with patients, families and their carers to ensure services are responsive to consumer and community needs by implementing workshops and qualifications that will improve communication skills of staff.
  3. Living within our means through improving capacity by increasing revenue by implementing Nationally recognised training that attracts funding
  4. Strengthening our workforce through becoming an employer of choice by valuing staff, strengthening the organisational culture, effective leadership and governance, and; develop innovative approaches to enhance our activity and reputation as a provider of clinical and corporate education and training
  5. Strengthening robust governance and local decision making through developing and supporting a culture of information and knowledge management and providing a foundation for sound decision- making and safe and effective patient care.
The goals of this model include:
  • Strengthening organisational culture by promoting the development of effective leadership at all levels
  • Enhancing staff engagement and morale
  • Enhancing activity and reputation for clinical and corporate education and training
  • Focusing on recruitment and retention of appropriate staff
  • Maintaining a healthy working environment.





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