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My Health Learning and Mandatory Training

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My Health Learning

My Health Learning is the NSW state wide learning management system, which develops and delivers education in various forms across the LHD and state. My Health Learning allows an employee’s training history to transfer with them across public health facilities in NSW. My Health Learning is the access point for online learning and course enrolments for face-to-face training.

For NSW Health employees My Health Learning can be accessed via the Education and Training tab on the NBMLHD Intranet page or by using the following link:

What is Mandatory Training?

The mandatory training requirements for all staff are set by the Ministry of Health in line with legislation and policy, and are targeted at specific roles in health. There are a number of modules that all staff working in health are required to complete. An up to date list of mandatory requirements for all staff can be found on the My Health Learning website. Staff will be required to complete additional learning modules related to the area/specialty in which they work.




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