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Why work for us

NBMLHD offers a positive and vibrant workplace culture plus meaningful professional and career development opportunities. People joining our organisation have a unique opportunity to make a real and sustainable difference, in enhancing the health and well-being of people living within our local community.

Flexible Work Practices

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD) recognises the value of providing Flexible Work Practices (FWP) options to employees. The implementation of FWP not only offers benefits for employees, it also provides benefits to employers.

Flexible Work Practices can lead to a diverse, skilled and motivated workforce that is capable of delivering quality and efficient services to the community now and in the future. A workplace culture that supports flexibility puts NBMLHD in a better position to meet customer expectations while assisting employees to balance their work, life and family needs.

Onsite parking

Nepean Hospital
  • Staff and visitor parking is readily available.
  • Fees apply
  • Staff can access reduced rates
  • Concessions also available
  • Wait lists for permanent parking passes, may apply for new staff.
Blue Mountains Region

At the Blue Mountains, Lithgow Hospital, Springwood, and Portland Tabulam Health Centre, free onsite parking is currently available.

Community Health Centres

Community Health Centres have limited free parking available. 

Childcare - Somerset Cottage Early Childhood Education and Care

Nepean Hospital offers the following options:
The Daily Program operates between 6am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

The Evening Program operates between 12.30pm and 11pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Rotating Roster positions are full-time day placements allocated to health staff who work in a full-time capacity under a seven (7) day roster with rotating shift arrangements, usually nursing staff.

Occasional Care provided in long day care services on an occasional basis, as requested and based on availability.

Fees need to be kept two (2) weeks in advance at all times which is in accordance with the Centre's Access, Attendance and Fees Policy.

A bond fee of two (2) weeks full fees is payable prior to commencement and will be refunded (less any outstanding fees) when your child ceases care.

Permanent Placement: $75 per day (excluding Public Holidays)

Occasional Care: $75 per day
$36 per 1/2 day - based on 5 hours care (half days are not available as a permanent booking but can be utilised by permanent enrolments when an extra day/half day over and above the permanent booking is required)

Learning and Development Leave

NBMLHD recognises the importance of ongoing education and is committed to providing individual learning and development opportunities. Employees are encouraged and supported in the further development of their skills and qualifications.

Delivering first class health care is challenging and we are right behind our staff development by providing access to learning and development leave and where appropriate, financial support to attend relevant courses/seminar/conferences.

In addition, NSW Health is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). NBMLHD can provide accredited training to employees in a variety of career development courses.

Employee Reward and Recognition Program

Our Employee and Volunteer Reward and Recognition program aims to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of hardworking staff throughout NBMLHD as nominated by staff, patients and visitors.

Salary Packaging

An opportunity exists for you to reduce your taxable income – this means more take home pay!

NBMLHD is recognised as a Public Benevolent Institution. The legal meaning of Public Benevolent Institution is 'a charitable institution that provides benevolent relief to people in need'. Public Benevolent Institutions are recognised by the Australian Tax Office as a subtype of charity.

How does salary packaging work?
Employees working for public health facilities may elect to receive part of their pay through salary packaging. Salary packaging works by reducing the employees gross salary by the cost of the benefit provided (which includes the employer’s share of the tax savings and the administration fee).

The maximum dollar value of benefits that employees can ‘package’ without creating a Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) liability is $9,005 per annum (which equates to grossed up taxable value of $17,000).

If you package, your tax savings can be between $489 and $2160 per annum depending on  your income.

Salary packaging can be used for a variety of living expenses such as mortgage repayments, residential rent payments, credit card payments, school fees etc.

Meal Entertainment

Employees working for public health facilities are entitled to Meal Entertainment reimbursement.

Meal Entertainment is the provision of entertainment by way of food and drink. It includes food and drink purchased at a restaurant or attendance at a social gathering or consumed with other forms of entertainment. The meals and drinks (including the guests with the eligible employee) do not have to be related to the employment of NSW Health.

Meal Entertainment (private dining costs) is an exempt fringe benefit and may be salary packaged on top of the $9,005 salary packaging (without incurring FBT which results in extra tax-free earnings for the employee).

What Can I Claim?
  • dine-in meals (incl. drinks) at a club, bistro, restaurant, café (min $15 spend); 
  • catered functions (wedding, engagements, 21st); 
  • self-catered functions and; 

Note - staff are encouraged to contact a financial adviser for further advice regarding taxation considerations relevant to salary packaging.

Our Commitment to a Smoke Free Environment

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District is committed to protecting staff, patients and visitors from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

The Local Health District has developed and implemented quit smoking programs to assist employees that are interested in quitting smoking.

These include:

  • Healthy Workers Initiative 
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
  • Promotional activities and smoke free policy development in partner settings such as TAFE and UWS campuses and across four local councils

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - A Free and Confidential Service

Our staff counselling/employee assistance program (PDF) is a free, professional and confidential service that is available to all staff of NBMLHD and their immediate family members. This service provides assistance and support in relation to both work related and personal concerns.

Staff Library

NBMLHD provides library services for staff at two locations - Nepean Hospital and Blue Mountains District Anzac Memorial Hospital.

Library collections include books, journals (print and electronic), reprints of articles, CD's, DVD's and organisational annual reports. Staff are also provided with 24 study Carrels situated around the Library and access to a group study/AV Room.

Career Development

Our focus is growing local talent and placing staff at the forefront of our organisations future success.  

Job crafting which is discovering your career purpose and value in order to shape your professional objectives is the opportunity available to you through Organisational Development.

Based on an evolving flexible framework of staff needs, continuous guidance and positive reinforcement an individual will achieve purposeful skill proficiency and develop a genuine self-belief to enable professional advancement and personal accomplishment.

Leave entitlements

Generous provisions for leave are available to eligible staff, in line with Award conditions.

In accordance with the Annual Holidays Act 1944 all full time staff employed in the NSW.

Health Service are entitled to a minimum of four weeks’ annual leave in respect of each completed year of service. Staff Specialist are afforded 5 weeks annual leave on full pay in respect of each 12 months service.  Nurses working a 7 day rotating roster may are eligible for 6 weeks annual leave.

Some Awards provide for full time staff who regularly work on Sundays and public holidays as part of their rostered hours, to receive additional annual leave. Awards may also provide for employees to elect to receive additional annual leave in lieu of penalty rates for working on public holidays.

Eligible employees employed on a full time basis are entitled to an allocated day (ADO) off in each period of 28 days (excluding whilst on approved leave). Consistent with NSW Health Award provisions, ADOs may be accumulated to a maximum of three and be taken at a time by negotiation and agreement by the employee/employer.

Other leave types including FACS/Personal/Carer’s Leave, Long Service Leave, Sick Leave, Learning and Development Leave Special Leave and Maternity Leave are also available to eligible staff.

More information in relation to leave eligibility and entitlements can be found at

Live and work locally

The Penrith and Blue Mountains regions boast mountains, rivers, and more. Penrith is immediately recognised by its natural setting, with the Nepean River and world renowned Blue Mountains. Penrith offers the lifestyle with an wealth of adventure, cultural activities, shopping, entertainment, sporting and leisure facilities. 

The Blue Mountains area includes urbanised development and townships as well as isolated settlements and extensive areas of rugged bush land. The Blue Mountains are one of the top tourist destinations in Australia with over 3 million visitors per year, with an abundance of natural beauty and rich cultural resources. 

Lithgow is a historical town situated on the western slopes of the Blue Mountains about 2 hours drive from Sydney, with an altitude of 900 metres Lithgow residents enjoy warm summer days and occasional snowfalls in Winter. 

In the year 2000, the Greater Blue Mountains region was selected for inscription on the World Heritage List for its representation of Australia's unique eucalypt vegetation and globally outstanding biodiversity. 

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District (NBMLHD) consists of both urban and semi-rural areas, covering almost 9,179 square kilometres and is responsible for providing primary and secondary health care for people living in the Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Lithgow and Penrith local government areas (LGAs), and tertiary care to residents of the Greater Western Region.

Spanning such a vast area, a number of health facilities are located across the LGAs to provide health care services to a wide, multidisciplinary community. NBMLHD encompasses five main hospitals, with a number of community health centres and drug & alcohol/mental health service facilities.

The majority of our facilities are easily accessible and close to public transport. Our employees have a vested interest in services provided and the reputation of the facilities, as a large number of staff employed across NBMLHD live within the community. This proves beneficial as our staff are aware of the impact of their business/services throughout their local communities.





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