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Carer Experience of Service (CES) survey

The Carer Experience of Service survey (CES) is an opportunity to provide feedback about the way carers are supported by mental health services. A carer may be a family member, partner or a friend of someone who has used a mental health service.

The feedback from the survey is used to improve the mental health services and to improve the carer experience across the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. For now CES can only be completed on a paper form. Obtain a survey by contacting your local mental health team/unit or phone 4734 1912.

The CES is an anonymous survey. When you have finished, ensure your survey has the correct service code on it. Place the survey in the reply paid envelope, then:

  • Post it, or
  • Put it in a return box at your service.

You can use the same return box as the Your Experience of Service questionnaire.

You are encouraged to use the survey to provide feedback as often as you choose.




Tuesday, 8 January 2019 5:18:16 PM