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Debbie Gaynor, hill Marjoram and Danell Thompson from Lithgow Hospital with LJ Hooker principals Jamie and Kirsty Giokaris and the new monitors

Community supports new equipment for Lithgow Hospital

31 May 2018


The Humpty Dumpty Foundation and LJ Hooker Foundation, supported by the Lithgow community, have donated two Radical-7 Pulse Oximeters valued at $4,440 each to Lithgow Hospital’s Inpatient Unit.

Inpatient Unit nurse unit manager, Danell Thompson says the oximeters are allocated for infant, newborn and paediatric use and are being used for hourly monitoring on post-operative patients.

By shining a light through the baby’s finger or toe the Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter measures the amount of oxygen in their capillaries. This ensures correct and safe oxygen delivery during highly critical times in an effort to prevent damage to organs such as the brain, eyes and lungs.

LJ Hooker Lithgow Principal Jamie Giokaris says, “This donation is really a reflection on the generosity of the community in Lithgow and the business here who donated goods and services for our auction. The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a great charity for the LJ Hooker Foundation and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

General Manager Jill Marjoram says, “Lithgow Hospital is really lucky to have this local community. We’re always grateful for the support and generosity of the community and this is a wonderful example of that.”