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Compassionate care never ends

08 Nov 2019


The mortuary is a part of a hospital that most of us prefer not to think about however it is reassuring to know that when a patient’s journey comes to a close, their quality of care continues.

Mortuary Assistant David Humphries, sees his job as another caring role – just like any other in the hospital.

“It’s not part of the patient journey you want to think about. Just because they’ve passed on, doesn’t mean they deserve any less. I just show them the respect they deserve,” says David, who has worked at Nepean Hospital for 28 years, the last seven at the morgue.

Beyond a comforting and homely room available to help console families who are saying their final goodbyes, is a brightly lit room where deceased patients are admitted, cared for and transferred. In most instances, patients are released straight to the care of a funeral home of the family’s choice, but occasionally for patients whose deaths who have been referred to the Coroner, they go to the Forensic Medicine and Coroners Court Complex in Lidcombe.

“My main role is to take care of patients here and make sure they’re safe and released in an appropriate manner,” says David.

David works closely with the Social Work department to arrange viewings and ensure appropriate counselling is on hand.

“It’s a job that I take great pride in. I enjoy socialising with family members and making them feel comfortable.”