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Cross-continent comparison of healthcare

22 May 2019


The teaching expertise at Nepean Hospital was on display during a recent visit, where international delegates toured the facility to observe, learn, and compare models of healthcare.

Representing Fiji, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania, the delegates had a detailed look at the workings of the hospital’s Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and Intensive Care Education and Training departments.

Teaching and training is a fundamental part of Nepean Hospital. Having strong international connections helps the District ensure the care provided continues to be world class.

As the only emergency physician in Zambia, delegate, Mwiche Chiluba, felt privileged to connect with her peers and meet experienced professionals from Nepean Hospital.

Rwandan delegate, Gabin Mbanjumuyco, says systems at Nepean have been established for a long time. He hopes to take back one or two innovations from Nepean that can be easily implemented in a younger healthcare system. 

The visit was organised as part of a sponsored arrangement for the Social Media and Critical Care conference (SMACC). In its 6th year, the SMACC conference is an opportunity for health professionals who care for critically ill patients to access cutting edge education, be inspired and share innovations and ideas.