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Members of the ENT Redesign team

ENT redesign reaps rewards

19 Apr 2021


Four times more patients are now accessing Nepean Hospital’s Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) clinic as a result of new programs streamlining the way we schedule appointments and process patient referrals.

The innovative program has resulted in a 60 per cent reduction on wait list times with over 90 percent of patients referred now screened and triaged faster and within five days.

The ENT clinic is one of the busiest clinics at the hospital receiving up to 1200 referrals per year from GPs and specialists.

Over the past few years the clinic’s high demand and volume of referrals led to an increased number of consumers waiting to be seen.

The clinic launched a comprehensive redesign to improve the management of its service and access to the clinic for patients.

Nurse Manager Surgical Outpatients Redesign, Angelo Fatato says the redesign was a collaboration involving many teams who identified areas of focus and improvement.

“We value the care we provide at our ENT clinic. Our main goal was to keep that high standard of care but also keep patients out of the waiting room,” says Mr Fatato.

Based upon a review of the clinic, 16 recommendations were implemented to enhance the quality of its service and the results are showing greater satisfaction among consumers.

In describing how much effort went into the implementation of new structures within the unit Head of Department for ENT, Dr Niranjan Sritharan notes that they overhauled the system to create efficiencies within the service.

“There’s a stronger focus on guiding patients throughout the entire process and developing a continuum of care,” says Dr Sritharan.

“The goal of our unit is to continually improve the quantity and quality of ENT Head & Neck services provided to our community.”

The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District encourages the use of innovation to help make improvements to its services. Projects such as the ENT clinic redesign are sustainable, repeatable and transferable and provide better experiences for our patients and staff.

At Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District we are always listening to our patients to improve the delivery of care and quality of our services.

Have you noticed a difference at your latest appointment? Let us know how we can make your experience better.