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Giving birth to a whole new career

13 Aug 2019


An interest in helping women may have first attracted them to the Aboriginal Assistant in Nursing (AIN) program at Nepean Hospital, but for three recent graduates it’s now sparked a passion for learning and a drive to become midwives.

For the past several months, Katie, Corina and Amanda have lived through the joys and hardships of balancing study and work as they dived into a vocation they love.

From performing general nursing duties to interpreting medical terminology to witnessing a vaginal birth, these trainee AINs - who have just completed a Certificate III in Health Services Assistant qualification - got to experience it all.

Words failed to describe one of the more memorable experiences for Amanda who recounted the moment she got to observe a caesarean for the first time.

“I’ve had a caesarean myself but it is such a different experience when you are in the room for work. It is amazing. I thought I would feel nauseous but it was a great opportunity for me to learn,” says Amanda.

Katie describes the feeling of knowing you helped bring someone into the world as awesome.

“Just the other day I was at the shops and I recognised someone that I cared for. You work in such a clinical environment and to see them on the outside, enjoying those little mum and daughter moments, it’s something I won’t forget.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten to cherish that moment if it wasn’t for the incredible nursing staff here at Nepean. You really develop a greater appreciation for the work they do daily,” says Katie.

The presence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwives helps build cultural understanding within our whole workforce and it allows expectant mothers to know that their cultural, social and emotional wellbeing will be a fundamental part of their care.

The AIN program is a partnership between the POCHE Centre for Indigenous Health and NSW Health. This is a training pathway to become an Aboriginal midwife.

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