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Neurosurgery Clinical Nurse Consultant, Sharryn Byers

Honours for neurosurgical nurse

15 Jan 2018


Nepean Hospital Neurosurgery Clinical Nurse Consultant Sharryn Byers has been recognised by the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses as a global leader in the field.

Ms Byers, who has more than 40 years’ experience in nursing, says the recognition was an amazing and unexpected honour.

“I’m very proud of the work that I do,” says Ms Byers who strives to provide her patients with the best quality of life.

“Most people who have a neurological issue have a problem with their brain or spinal cord and that affects how their body functions. We work with the patient and look at what information and adaptive processes they need to be able to deal with the deficits they now have with their body.”

Ms Byers says there’s been a distinct change in the pattern of injury seen by the Neurosurgery Department since she began working in the field in the early 1980s. Cranial trauma and brain injuries were much more common before the strict enforcement of speeding, drink driving and seat belt laws.

“Now with an ageing population, we have a lot more elderly patients that we see as a result of falls.”

Ms Byers says throughout her career she has witnessed significant developments in neurosurgical care. Improvements in surgical technique, neurological nursing care and a greater understanding of post-surgery care have all increased a neurosurgical patient’s chance of survival and a better quality of life.

In 2017, Ms Byers was honoured with a life membership from the Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association, of which she has been President for the past six years.