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Dr Ryan McConnell, Interventional Neuroradiologist 

Interventional radiology delivering improved patient outcomes

20 Jul 2022


The many benefits of interventional radiology make it an excellent alternative to invasive surgery. Nepean Hospital’s new and expanded interventional radiology team say their high-quality service offers plenty of benefits for both patients and the hospital. 

Dr Rafid Al-Asady, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist explains, “We can deliver minimally invasive treatments that have shorter procedural and recovery times than many traditional surgeries. Consequently, there is a reduced length of hospital stay, which is a better outcome for patients as well as being a very cost-effective option for the hospital system.”

Dr Ryan McConnell, Interventional Neuroradiologist adds that many procedures can be performed without the need for a general anaesthetic.

“Often, patients only require a local anaesthetic and this, coupled with our minimally invasive practice and the precise, targeted delivery of treatments delivers a plethora of advantages for our patients and the hospital overall.”

As well as having the option of day only procedures for outpatients, interventional radiology also reduces the need for intensive care following a procedure and can be performed at a lower cost than many surgical alternatives.

Interventional radiology is a medical specialty that performs a vast range of minimally-invasive procedures and targeted treatments using precise medical imaging guidance.

From treating tumours, taking biopsies or placing stents, interventional radiology can be applied for a range of procedures including chest port insertions, steroid injection, the treatment of placenta previa, drain collections, angiography, CT and ultrasound.

A division of Medical Imaging at Nepean Hospital, the interventional radiology service is staffed by VMOs, staff specialists and a comprehensive nursing team. Interventional radiology procedures, including emergency cases, are performed five days a week with an on-call service available on weekends.

Dr Al-Asady says the growth of interventional radiology and its many applications offers exciting opportunities.

“Increasingly, Nepean Hospital’s health services are recognising the value of interventional radiology as an excellent alternative to surgical options for their patients.”

“We can perform a broad range of procedures that would have applications in the vast majority of health services at Nepean Hospital,” says Dr Al-Asady.

Dr McConnell says, “We’re proud of the high-quality care we provide through our service and we’re always seeking opportunities to collaborate with others.

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