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Nepean Hospital North Block access changes map

Nepean Hospital North Block access changes

07 Mar 2019


From Wednesday 13 March, pedestrian and vehicle access to North Block will close. There are now new ways to access North Block, including the Aged Care and Rehabilitation Centre.

You can access a video here on the NBMLHD YouTube Channel

Patients can be escorted by Nepean Hospital volunteer guides (in red shirts) or Patient Transport Service if assistance is required.


Option 1 - Via East Block

Patients can be dropped off at the East Block entry.

Drivers have the option of a valet parking service at the entry.

Drivers hand their keys to the Secure Parking attendant who will park their car in the multi-storey car park.

Attendants can retrieve cars when patients are ready to leave.

To contact valet parking: 4734 1575


Option 2 – Via West Block

Patients can be dropped off at the West Block entry.

The nearby West Block car park is still open.

Disabled parking spaces have been increased in the West Block car park.


Option 3 – Patient Transport

Patient Transport Service is available to collect patients from any of the hospital's car parks.

If required, patients can be assisted and escorted through the hospital to reach their appointment.

This option is wheelchair accessible.

To use this service please call before arrival or departure: 0447 763 561


Please allow a little extra time to get to your appointment.

Thanks for your patience and support.


Download a flyer with this information and a map highlighting the new entry points.