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New CT scanner for Lithgow Hospital

12 Mar 2018


The medical imaging service at Lithgow Hospital has a new state-of-the-art CT scanner. The 128-slice scanner is capable of detecting pathology at 0.28 of a millimetre.

Lithgow Hospital’s Chief Radiographer, Michelle Bostock says, “Imaging from the machine is more precise, the images themselves are better and because it’s so much quicker, we can accommodate more patients every day.”

CT scanners are used to generate high resolution diagnostic images of internal body organs including soft tissue and blood vessels. The computerised images produced allow accurate detection of potential abnormalities within the body.

“Perhaps the most exciting thing about this machine is the huge reduction in the radiation dose for patients. In some cases, the amount of radiation they’re getting has been halved.”

Ms Bostock says the speed of the new machine will allow the service to accommodate more patients for scanning each day.

The new scanner is capable of scanning people who weigh up to 300kg which is 100kg more than the hospital’s previous CT machine. This means Lithgow patients weighing more than 200kg can now remain close to home to receive CT scans.

 “We’ve very proud of our new CT scanner and we’re pleased that our local community has access to it,” says Ms Bostock says.


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