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Warami – Our Darug Connection



Across Nepean Hospital you will be greeted with colourful Darug signage designed by local artist, Leanne Watson.

The signs are installed at the entries of key services and units to help us recognise and appreciate the unique language of the Darug nation, the land that Nepean Hospital is built on.

Each sign includes the unit name, Darug translation and pronunciation, and English interpretation to help non-Darug people learn more about the language.

Using the unique artwork and language celebrates the invaluable cultural knowledge of our Aboriginal community members and invites visitors and patients to learn more.

daruga-healingThe Artwork

The artwork ‘Daruga Healing’ by Darug artist, Leanne Watson was chosen by hospital staff and the community to be featured in the design of the signs.

“My painting is about healing on country and I hope when people see the signs they feel safe and calm, knowing the hospital will do its best to look after them and their family,” says Ms Watson.

The artwork has been integrated into the design of the signs to make them uniquely representative of Nepean Hospital for Aboriginal staff, patients and visitors.


The Translations

Erin Wilkins, from Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation and Yanmal Cultural Education, brought members of the Darug community together to translate for the signs. Erin believes the translations are an important way of reclaiming and celebrating the Darug Language.


Darug translation


English translation

Antenatal bulbuwul mudyin bool-bu-wool Strong families

Birth Unit

guwi ngaya

gu-we nar-yah

I come

Cancer Care  darimi nangamay biyanili  da-ri-me narn-gr-may bee-yah-nil-lee  Long time dream for healing
Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory  bangali butbutin  bung-ali b-oot b-oot-in  Mending of the heart 
Cardiology Inpatient Unit  butbut ganya  b-oot b-oot gun-ya  Heart house 
Car Parking  walawa  wa-la-wah  Stop here 
Childcare Service gulyangarri nula  gool-yarn-gar-rree noo-lah  Children here there everywhere 
Cleaning Services  yaragali  yah-rah-gar-lee  Cleaning 
Coronary Care Unit  butbut biyanili  b-oot b-oot bee-yah-nil-lee  Heart healing
Day Surgery Unit  gamarabu  gar-ma-rah-boo Same day 
Echocardiology Service  naa butbuwa  nar b-oot b-oot-wa  Look into the heart 
Emergency Department  dyi ngaya burbangana  jeh nar-yah bur-ba-nar-nah  Here I am, please help me 
Endoscopy  na wurrungwuriwa  nah wer-rroong-wu-ree-wah  See inside the other side
Gastroenterology  banga bulbuwul wurrungwuriwa  bung-ah bool-bu-wool wer-rroong-wu-ree-wah To make inside strong 
Intensive Care Unit  budyarigu biyanili  boudge-jar-rree-goo bee-yah-nil-lee  Intensive healing
In-patient Unit  yurawa wurrungwuri biyanili  you-rrah-wah wer-rroong-wu-ree-wah  People inside healing 
Hospital  biyanili ngurra  bee-yah-nil-lee noo-rah  Healing place 
Maternity  wiyanga gurung  we-yah-nar gu-roong  Mother and baby
Medical Oncology  biyanili banga budyari  bee-yah-nil-lee bung-ah boudge-jar-rree  Healing made good 

Neonatal Intensive Care

gurungra djurali biyanili

gu-roong-grrah jew-rah-li bee-yah-nil-lee

Healing growing babies

Neurology  bulbuwul ngara murura  bool-bu-wool nar-rah mu-ru-rah  Strong thinking pathways 
Operating Theatres  ngurang bangali biyani  nu-rrung bung-ah-lee bee-yah-nil-lee  Place to make heal 
Pharmacy  wiyanga bamul banga  we-yah-nah bare-mool bung-ah  Make from mother earth 
Radiation Oncology  banga guwing budyari madung  bung-ah goo-wing boudge-jar-rree mud-oong  Make heat for good life 
Recovery  Muruba budyari gumada  mu-ru-ba boudge-jarrree goo-ma-dah  Good path to recovery 
Respiratory  budyari bumbi  boudge-jar-rree buorm-bee  Good breath 
Special Care Nursery  gurungra ngurang  gu-roong-grrah nu-rrung  Baby's place 
Short Stay Unit baru mayalya  bah-roo ma-yal-yah  Fast/quick stop 
Thoracic  bangali budyari biba bung-ah-lee boudge-jar-rree bee-bah Making the spine/ribs (thoracic) good