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Welcoming Wardies

27 Nov 2019


When we picture a hospital it’s usually doctors and nurses that first come to mind but wardspersons are also an integral part of the frontline health care team.

At Nepean Hospital, wardspersons J.T. and Gary are two of many ensuring patient care is delivered in a timely, safely and effective manner.

“Every day is different, every hour is different,” says J.T, who has been a ‘wardie’ at Nepean Hospital for almost 7 years.

 “The perception is that we just push beds but we’re also part of the medical emergency team. We run bloods from pathology, we work in ICU, we work in the mortuary – there’s so much more we do often behind the scenes,” says J.T.

Gary, who’s worked alongside J.T. for the past 12 months, says when he first started it was a little daunting.

 “We’re a supportive team. We rely on each other for help. The job can be very rewarding but it also can be heartbreaking,” says Gary.

“At the end of the day the best part is seeing patients get better.”

Wardspersons can often be first responders to various situations and they work closely with other health professionals to try and ensure the best possible patient journey.

“When something happens in the hospital, we’re one of the first people there,” says J.T.

“You see the extremes – people who are ecstatic because they’ve just had a baby and others who’ve just lost a loved one.”

“You’ve got to be a people person and you’ve got to have a heart.”

Gary agrees, saying people skills are a massive part of the job.

“If you treat people well, they’ll do the same in return. You’ve got to be welcoming, and you’ve got to care.”