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COVID-19 positive and need to evacuate?

04 Jul 2022

If you are COVID-19 positive and in an area at risk of flooding, here is some quick advice:


1. Consider your evacuation plan now.
2. Ensure you have a bag packed with medicines, masks, extra drinking fluids, and comfort items.
3. If you are told to evacuate you must evacuate. Do NOT remain in self-isolation at your home. An emergency evacuation is a reason to leave.
4. If you need to evacuate, try and stay with friends and family who are up to date with vaccinations AND who do not have a high-risk (elderly or severely immunocompromised) person at their home. Do not mix in the household.
5. If you can’t stay with friends or family, you can make a hotel booking. This will minimise potential exposure and may be safer for higher-risk individuals.
6. If you can’t find safe accommodation, go to an evacuation centre and tell staff immediately that you are isolating from COVID-19. They will help you isolate safely.
Evacuation centres are in operation at North Richmond Community Centre and Richmond Club.