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Michelle Stewart

Dietitians: Transforming lives.

24 Mar 2022


For dietitian, Michelle Stewart, working with patients from NICU to Geriatrics to improve their quality of life through healthy living is a reward that has no limits.

As Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District’s Lead Clinician for Dietetics, Michelle champions the dramatic improvements nutrients have on a patient’s condition.

“Food is an everyday part of living. Dietitians utilise food to improve health and make quality of life better,” she explains.

“Different foods impact the biochemistry of the body and have the power to help the body heal, recover, improve strength, fight infection and reduce hospitals stays.”

“We strive to empower lives, providing tools to help patients through treatment and into their everyday.”

Relationships we build with patients and their families unlock the most profound outcomes.

Michelle reflects on treating a premature, underweight baby boy born with an unattached oesophagus preventing him from feeding.

“Throughout his treatment, including multiple surgeries, his mum was determined to provide him with breast milk by whatever means necessary.”

“We listened and worked with her, encouraging her to follow her instincts. Through perseverance and careful monitoring her baby went from depending on tubes to feeding directly from a bottle and onto solids, reaching growth chart milestones and thriving.”

Michelle explains it’s these relationships, forged with patients, families and colleagues alike, that sets NBMLHD apart.

“The District has such diversity. We cut across city, rural and even regional environments, and there’s a dynamic that unites us. Staff stay here because of the enjoyable work environment, we value one another.”

Bonds the District fosters have other fortuitous outcomes.

Michelle fondly reflects, “I recently ran into a nurse here who was a diabetes patient of mine as a child and teenager. She’s taken control of her Type 1 diabetes and is now a colleague, that’s special.”