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Helping patients reach their pOTential

28 Oct 2020


In celebration of Occupational Therapy Week (26 Oct-1 Nov), we caught up with one of our Nepean Hospital occupational therapists (OTs) to talk about the work they do and how it impacts the lives of patients and families.

Steph Burns, works in the aged care team with our geriatric population, assessing the physical and cognitive function of patients.

“Our aim is to help patients remain as independent as possible in the community,” says Steph.

“We assess the patient’s and family’s needs, talk about what their daily routine was like prior to being in hospital, then we work with them to remain motivated and independent.”

This could mean a range of things, from working with patients to complete basic activities such as showering and dressing, providing education to prevent falls, or recommending equipment to make activities at home easier.

“It really gives us a sense of pride that we can make a difference to those who might be struggling with their usual activities of daily living,” says Steph.

“Particularly with the geriatric population, despite having memory problems or not being able to do everything on their own, we want to restore those activities that gives their life purpose, while helping their families to make them comfortable with life at home,” added Steph.

NBMLHD OTs work with people of all ages and abilities, from babies through to older adults. They’re in our community and at our hospitals working with patients and families to improve independence and achieve person and family centred goals.