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How to be smart, savvy and survive summer

21 Dec 2018


Our staff will be working throughout the holidays to ensure care is available whenever people are in need, but NBMLHD’s Associate Professor Bradley Forssman says there are some things you can do to make sure you have a great summer and still stay healthy.

“At this time of the year it can be easy to over indulge but Christmas is only just one day and to get the most out of your summer it is best to pace yourself,” says Associate Professor Forssman, who is also the District’s Director of Public Health.  

“There are simple things you can do to set yourself up to tackle the year ahead happy, healthy and ready to fulfil all your New Year’s resolutions.”

Brad’s top five survival tips to get the most out of your holidays are:

Be sun smart - 30+ SPF sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses will help keep the sunburn away and ensure your skin doesn’t age prematurely.

Stay hydrated - alcohol and sugary drinks may beckon on a hot summer’s day however drinking in moderation and substituting glasses of cool water will leave you hydrated and healthier.

Be bushfire aware – bushfires can rapidly decrease air quality. You can help protect yourself by staying indoors, closing open windows and have your reliever inhaler on hand at all times.

Eat in moderation – pace yourself and let food settle. It takes 20 minutes after eating for food signals to reach your brain and make you feel full. Eating fresh fruit, vegetables unsalted nuts and lean meats are all great foods that will help you to eat less.

Keep active – holidays are a time to relax but it’s important to remain active during this time as it provides you with more energy and will help burn off that occasional sweet treat. Just remember to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. Regular exercise can also improve your mood and reduce stress, leaving you ready to tackle the year ahead.