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Nepean ICU: Leaders in training & education

10 Mar 2022


The Nepean Hospital Intensive Care team is one of Australia’s leading Intensive Care Units (ICU). The team pride themselves on delivering the best quality patient centred care.

An important part of this is critical care training and education that sharpens the team’s skills and trains the next generation of health clinicians within the world-class facilities of Nepean Hospital.

With increased activity during the pandemic, Nepean’s ICU team explored ways to quickly upskill staff for a variety of clinical scenarios. Alongside the use of simulation dummies and models, the team explored the use of virtual reality technology as an efficient and effective way to hone their skills.

A virtual reality training platform has given the team the opportunity to fast track proficiency and maintain competency at a time of high demand.

Nepean Hospital’s Director of Intensive Care, Professor Sam Orde says exploring the training potential of new technologies such as this helps keep the ICU team on top of their game, delivering patient care that’s second to none and excellence in ICU education.  

“Nepean ICU’s got a pretty good reputation for education, for research and for teaching. It’s a big pillar of what our unit’s all about. It’s part of being a well-rounded clinician, to have good solid clinical practice as well as being involved in training the next generation coming up to take over from us,” says Professor Orde.