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Radiation Therapists targeting care and cure

03 Nov 2020


The radiation therapy team at the Nepean Cancer Care Centre have celebrated the work they do and the care they provide during National Radiographers and Radiation Therapists’ Week.

Radiation therapists see patients daily to deliver radiation therapy, a therapeutic treatment that kills or damages cancer cells.

Chief Radiation Therapist, Kevin Van Tilburg says the daily imaging conducted at treatments means staff can deliver a targeted dose of radiation with sub-millimetre accuracy. This makes radiation therapy a safe, accurate and effective treatment for many types of cancer.

“Seeing patients everyday throughout their treatment, we really build up a rapport with them and their families. It’s something that often attracts people to the profession,” says Kevin.

“Radiation therapists make a real difference to people’s lives. We get the satisfaction of helping to save people’s lives or, providing relief from their symptoms, to live a more productive life for as long as they can.”