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Step safely towards better health

01 Apr 2021


After a year that saw people isolate physically, older Australians are being encouraged to resume and keep up their healthy habits to reduce the risk of falls.

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Clinical Nurse Consultant, Nicole Hill, says the theme of April Falls Day, Thursday 1 April, is Safe Activity for Everybody.  

Ms Hill says for older Australians who may have reduced their physical activity and limited their social interactions in the past year, April Falls Day is a good reminder to get moving again and reconnect with others safely.

“Being physically and socially active, as well as eating good, nutritious food, are incredibly important in helping to reduce the risk of falls among people aged 65 or older,” Ms Hill says.

Maintaining good health through strong bones and muscle is vital for falls prevention. Ms Hill says embracing balance and strength exercises and participating in regular physical activity, such as walking, tai chi or group exercise provides great opportunities for improving balance and physical function.

“It’s also important that people are getting enough nutrition to support their physical activity. Ensure you eat three nutritious meals a day and make your diet calcium-rich by eating foods such as dairy, sardines and salmon,” Ms Hill says.

Staying connected to your family, friends and community is also an important part of keeping healthy and remaining independent.

“Keep up your social connections by talking with friends, family and neighbours, get involved in a local social group or take up volunteering and embrace technology to help you stay in touch with others. This is especially important if you live alone,” Ms Hill advises.

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