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Woman using health check station

Free health check at Lithgow Hospital

22 Feb 2019


If you have 4 minutes to spare you can get a simple, free health check at an automated booth located for a limited time at Lithgow Hospital.

The self-serve SiSU health station checks your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and, using a short questionnaire, will also assess your risk of diabetes.

The high tech booth will also calculate your body mass index and percentage of body fat. Your results are emailed to you.

It’s important to remember the automated simple health check does not replace a consultation with a doctor.

Everyone who uses the station is encouraged to talk to their GP at their next appointment about their results.

The health station also compares your results to other people your age and gender.

You can track your results over time and get similar checks at other SiSU health stations.

Until 08 March 2019, a SiSU health station will be located inside the main entrance of the hospital.