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Nursing a bright future

23 Jan 2020


Thinking of a career change? Why not consider a rewarding and diverse career as an enrolled nurse.

Scholarship applications are now open for the NSW Health Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled Nurses) program.

Enrolled Nurses are a valued part of the nursing and wider healthcare team, caring for people when they can be at their most vulnerable. They assist in providing clinical care and emotional support for patients, as well as more complex duties such as administering medications.

An Enrolled Nurse can work across a variety of clinical settings including acute medical, surgical, aged care, rehabilitation wards, operating theatres, emergency departments and mental health.

Tim Cuff, an Enrolled Nurse at Blue Mountains Hospital, jumped at the opportunity of the scholarship program when it became available and was successful.

“I was a wardsperson at Nepean Hospital for 15 years. I had good experiences with all the nurses I worked with. Now that I’m doing it I have a completely different perspective about what nurses actually do,” says Tim.

“The most rewarding thing is the people – the patients and the staff. Going home and feeling you’ve been able to make a difference is also a big plus. The staff that I’m working with here at Blue Mountains are lovely, funny and always willing to help.”

The Enrolled Nurse Scholarship guarantees a job offer at the completion of the program for a minimum of 12 months.

Tim’s passion to learn and help others continues to grow.

“It feels like there’s something else still to look forward to, and I think I’ll be going on to do Registered Nursing after the 12 months of the new grad program.”

For more information about the Enrolled Nurse Scholarship program including application forms click here.

Applications close midday 19 February 2020.