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Patients at the centre of cancer care

17 May 2021


Members of the community treated at Nepean Cancer Care Centre had the opportunity to provide feedback on their care at a recent community forum.

Hosted by Dr Amanda Stevanovic, Director of Cancer Services and Head of Oncology, the forum is part of the Centre’s focus on current and past patients shaping future services.

“Hearing the experiences of living with, through and beyond cancer, it was evident there are some areas of the service we need to revise,” says Dr Stevanovic.

While the majority of attendees provided incredibly positive feedback about their experience at the Centre as well as their interactions with staff, there are some areas that Dr Stevanovic is keen to address.

“I’d like to see how we can have our patients move more seamlessly between facilities and services while also working closer with our patient’s own GP. This was mentioned a number of times and seems to be the key to a positive patient experience and a way to ease some of the understandable angst from the initial treatment phase, right through to long term follow up care.”

“I also noted common themes around educating peers, dietitian intervention, preventative work, and reducing the impact of other risk factors. This kind of ‘prehabilitation’ means we help to improve our patient’s general health prior to surgery, radiation or chemotherapy so that we can reduce complications down the track,” says Dr Stevanovic.

With a team of clinicians, technicians and professional support staff at the helm, the forum made it clear that patients at Nepean Cancer Care Centre and their families are on the receiving end of some of the highest quality care.

“World-class care is what we’re aiming for, so now it’s about taking that feedback and working to make it a reality,” Dr Stevanovic added.