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The Needle and Syringe Program team

Safe disposal of community sharps

06 Feb 2018


The Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) operates within the principles of harm minimisation and provides clinical services, referrals, health education and clean injecting equipment for people who inject drugs, as well as broader community education and safety initiatives.

Located on the grounds of Nepean Hospital, the NSP also provides community sharps disposal bins across Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District for needles and lancets, which are used by people who need to inject medications at home.

Community sharps disposal bins are located at all our hospitals and most community health centres. These bins are accessible 24 hours a day. For information on your nearest disposal point, visit

Most injecting equipment is disposed of via NSPs, pharmacies, community sharps bins or council facilities. Unfortunately, a small percentage of sharps are disposed of inappropriately in public spaces. If you are concerned about discarded needles anywhere in NSW, contact the NSW Needle Clean-Up Hotline on 1800NEEDLE  or 1800 633 353.

The risk of transmission of any blood borne virus through a needle-stick injury in the community is very low. There have been no cases of HIV transmission world-wide and one unconfirmed case of Hepatitis C transmission this way. However, blood tests are strongly recommended for anyone who has a sharps injury.

The Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Needle and Syringe Program can be contacted on 1800 354 589.