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Dry July

Nepean Cancer Care Centre and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District staff will be raising funds to help local cancer patients this
Dry July.

Staff go Dry this July for a very special cause

25 Jun 2021


Our staff’s passion for caring for their patients extends beyond their day-to-day tasks at work with staff rallying again this year to raise money for Dry July.

Each year, a team from the Nepean Cancer Care Centre (NCCC) and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District take part in Dry July to purchase equipment and deliver additional wellness programs for the benefit of patients undergoing treatment.

Collectively, the team, known as the Nepean Hospital Cancer Care Crusaders, spend the month abstaining from drinking alcohol, seeking donations and hosting activities to raise as many funds as they can.

“If you’re a local person, like me, you will know someone who comes here. For me, that makes Dry July a bit more special,” says Tania Ball, NCCC Operations and Service Development Manager and a member of the Crusaders team.

“We build great rapport and relationships with our patients, so it’s nice for them to see us supporting their journey by doing extra things other than just working here. That motivates me every year,” Ms Ball says.

In recent years, funds raised through Dry July have been used to purchase comfortable chemotherapy chairs and art therapy installations, establish a free pilates and wellness program and to buy machines that monitor the development of lymphoedema in breast cancer patients.

Radiation Therapist, Bridget Bennett says these extra programs and initiatives can make all the difference for patients during a difficult time.

“I’m a new graduate so this is my first year working at the Centre. In the short amount of time that I’ve been here, I can already see what the Dry July money has done for our patients and for the services we deliver.”

“It’s important that we do what we can to better a patient’s experience or make a tough time in a patient’s life a little easier,” Ms Bennett says.

“What we can achieve with this fundraising is incredible and that’s good motivation to try to raise as much money as possible.”

In 2020, over $88,000 was raised for the Nepean Cancer Care Centre and this year, the team hope to do their all to see funds for the Centre pass $100,000.

Here’s what you can do to help support their efforts: