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Stroke recovery club helps instil confidence

27 Mar 2019


A new stroke recovery club will be helping patients restore their self-confidence by connecting stroke survivors so they can share their experiences, build support and reconnect to the local community.

The club will provide an additional form of therapy and lets stroke patients know they don’t need to face their journey alone says Stroke Recovery Association, Stroke Clubs Coordinator, Jon Blackwell.

“There is no worse feeling than that of isolation. The recovery group is about embracing and sharing your personal stroke journey. We want members to be active, enjoy life and participate in activities that stimulate creative thinking, conversation and physical activity,” says Jon.

Recovery club member and stroke survivor, Len Butler, described his journey as challenging. Learning to walk again wasn’t so much a barrier compared to the mental test he was facing.

“You have 1000 questions running through your mind. Why me? What am I going to do? It wasn’t until I joined a recovery group that things started to brighten up. There is no better therapy than to talking to someone who has gone down the same path as you. You’re there for one another. If you’ve got a problem, let’s talk about it. You build great relationships there,” says Len. 

At Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District, the annual presentation rate for stroke admissions is around 700 patients.

Clinical Nurse Consultant for Neurology, Susan Lane, says whilst hospitals are equipped to handle the acute process there is still a need for additional resources that allow survivors an easier transition back into society.

“The recovery club is a great way to connect people. It allows stroke patients and carers to speak with people with lived experience and helps people to build their confidence and get back out into the community.

“There can be a phobia about going out if you have a speech deficit. People’s perceptions can weigh you down but it’s great to suggest a form of therapy that allows people to be themselves and feel comfortable,” says Susan.

The stroke recovery club will be holding its first meeting in Penrith RSL on Saturday 30 March from 10:30am.

For more information please contact Stroke Clubs Coordinator, Jon Blackwell at 1300 650 594 or