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Blue Mountains Hospital clinical hydrotherapy programs expanding

24 Aug 2018


Blue Mountains Hospital is introducing more clinical exercise groups at its hydrotherapy pool that are supervised by physiotherapy staff and tailored to the specific patient needs.

We are expanding the clinical programs to meet an increased demand from patients with chronic conditions, such as arthritis, those who are obese, and those preparing for or recovering from surgery.

Patients are referred by their GP to be assessed by one of our physiotherapists who will select the program that best suits the patient’s needs.

At the end of their supervised clinical program patients are reassessed. They are either given a plan for the next stage of their treatment, which may include more supervised hydrotherapy, or advice on how they can maintain their ongoing fitness.

The new supervised clinical programs will help to reduce the waiting times for patients to access these specialised services.

As we introduce the new programs we will transition everyone who currently attends unsupervised, non-clinical programs such as the WAVES sessions, to supervised clinical programs or recommend other forms of exercise to help them to maintain their general fitness.

We recognise the changes may cause concern for some and our hydrotherapy staff are working to make the transition as seamless as possible for people.