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Celebrating Telehealth

27 Oct 2021


During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual care has played a critical role in providing quality healthcare to patients and families across the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. Since 1 July, we have conducted 8,228 video consultations with patients and their families across 200 different service areas.

Telehealth Awareness Week (21-29 October) is a chance to celebrate how telehealth has supported the provision of innovative and personalised health care.

In Mental Health, 14.9 per cent of outpatient activity was conducted by video consultation in September alone.

Dr Kristof Mikes-Liu, NBMLHD’s Mental Health Medical Director, spoke at the Agency for Clinical Innovation Telehealth Awareness Week Launch about how the NBMLHD Mental Health team support patients through virtual care.

"Virtual care has allowed us to maintain contact with consumers and their families across a very big LHD. We use virtual care as an addition to face-to-face consultations, which allows us to be more responsive and more flexible; we can see people more frequently and that contributes to building trusting relationships with our consumers,” says Dr Mikes-Liu.

In response to consumer and carer reactions, Dr Mikes-Liu noted that the reception has been positive.

“We’ve been able to see people more frequently and develop meaningful relationships with our consumers and their families. They get to know us more regularly and they realise with virtual care we can be more present to them when they’re not feeling great,” says Dr Mikes-Liu.

A number of NBMLHD services are supported by Telehealth. If you’re interested in a telehealth appointment for your care, talk to your specialist or clinician about its availability.

More information on telehealth and virtual care: