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Greater Western Sydney Health Partnership launch

The Board Chairs and Chief Executives of the Local Health District members of the new Greater Western Sydney Health Partnership celebrate its launch.

Collaborative approach to future-proofing healthcare

21 Oct 2019


The Greater Western Sydney Health Partnership brings together South Western Sydney, Nepean Blue Mountains and Western Sydney Local Health Districts to provide better health outcomes for its community.

The joint initiative is driven by three local health districts in one of Australia’s fastest growing communities and is focusing on future-proofing our public hospitals and health services and thinking differently about the delivery of care.

South Western Sydney Local Health District Chief Executive, Amanda Larkin, says the vision was borne from a shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the extraordinary growth in greater western Sydney.

“The Partnership’s focus is to collaborate, promote and advocate for better health outcomes for the region of more than 2.3 million people, which is almost 30 per cent of the NSW population,” says Ms Larkin.

“The new Western Sydney Aerotropolis will be a high-skills jobs hub across a range of industries, including healthcare and research; it is important we are leaders in this field and this key project needs to be considered as we work together.”

Western Sydney Local Health District Chief Executive, Graeme Loy, says the Western Sydney Aerotropolis was one of the main drivers for the creation of the partnership.

“The board chairs and chief executives from three local health districts met last year to discuss how we can optimise the new opportunities that are on the horizon for the greater western Sydney region,” says Mr Loy.

“We have looked at each local health district’s strategic priorities and found opportunities and common priorities where we can join forces to only make a stronger healthcare network.

“I look forward to working with our partners to ensure the strategic directions we set today continue to address the health requirements of the region by 2034.”

Peter Collins addresses the Greater Western Sydney Health Partnership launch

NBMLHD Board Chair Peter Collins speaks at the launch hosted by Chief Executive Kay Hyman (seated)

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Chief Executive, Kay Hyman, says close collaboration across local health districts would bring tangible benefits to people across the region.

“Greater western Sydney is changing and adapting to new challenges and so must its major providers of healthcare,” says Mrs Hyman.

“Our new partnership is bound by a common purpose to work together to deliver better services for our growing communities and, importantly, help people live healthy and productive lives.”

The partnership will work alongside existing working groups and agencies already committed to the region, as well as to co-create new opportunities for collaboration.