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Lighting the way for a greener future

16 Jun 2022


More than 13,000 old technology lights will be replaced with energy efficient LED lights across our five hospitals as part of our commitment to improving sustainability.

The lighting upgrades not only provide costs savings and a reduction in NBMLHD’s environmental footprint, but it also enhances clinical areas, reduces maintenance, improves patient safety, and provides better working conditions for our staff.

“So far, 85% of the upgrades have been installed at the 4 smaller facilities and have led to savings of nearly $118,000 calculated annually,” says Scott Hanson, NBMLHD’s Energy and Sustainability Business Partner.

“We’ve been able to replace ageing assets with new, energy efficient ones and the cost savings we will make can contribute to future upgrades and initiatives,” says Mr Hanson

LED lights are reported to be up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent lights which means fewer pollutants and far less environmental impact. They also last up to 5 times longer which reduces disruption for maintenance.

“Most of the energy from LEDs is converted into light rather than being wasted as heat which reduces the load on air conditioning systems.  They also improve lighting levels and reduce glare and flicker, which ultimately improves the amenity of the spaces” says Mr Hanson.

When new lights were installed in the Nepean Hospital Patient Admissions Office, the staff saw a noticeable change.

Acting team leader Surgical Bookings, Kylie Foote, says, "It’s a massive improvement. People have commented that it’s a lot better now that there is no glare or bounce back from the lights.”


Most recently, lights have been installed in external areas at Blue Mountains Hospital and Lithgow, as well as Nepean Hospital’s Somerset Street multi-storey carpark, Ambulance Bay entrance, West Block and South Block.

NBMLHD is also installing solar panels on five hospitals and facilities across the LHD which will save $185,000 per annum in electricity bills.

“The projects we are embarking upon will make our facilities more adaptable and energy efficient,” says Kay Hyman, NBMLHD Chief Executive.

The NSW Government has invested $14.5 million for energy emission and solar upgrade projects of which NBMLHD is part of.