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Lithgow Hospital's new resident medical officers, Dr Elspeth Jarman and Dr Henry Gao with General Manager Jill Marjoram

Lithgow Hospital a leader for education and training

12 Mar 2018


Lithgow Hospital is fast becoming a leading centre for training future and current health professionals. More and more opportunities are now available for health workers to learn under the guidance of senior Lithgow Hospital staff.

Lithgow Hospital General Manager Jill Marjoram says that training at a progressive, rural hospital like Lithgow can have a number of benefits.

“For new graduates and students studying medicine, nursing and allied health professions, one of the benefits of working in a rural setting is that there are often more opportunities for hands-on experience and variety than at a city hospital.”

“We’ve recently welcomed a number of new staff, including two resident medical officers, who are benefiting from unique and valuable learning opportunities,” says Ms Marjoram. 

“In attracting developing staff to Lithgow, I must acknowledge our local senior medical and other clinical staff, who make these opportunities possible by willingly sharing their knowledge and skills.”

“People who undertake early work opportunities in rural communities are often more likely to return to rural centres to work fulltime once they’ve completed their training, so our community may also benefit from the education opportunities at our hospital,” Ms Marjoram says.

Lithgow’s new resident medical officers (RMOs), Dr Henry Gao and Dr Elspeth Jarman are second year junior doctors on a new 10-week rural rotation.

Both RMOs are enjoying the support of senior staff and the unique opportunities the rotation offers. Dr Gao says Lithgow is a “refreshing change” and that working at Lithgow Hospital offers greater learning opportunities and hands-on experience.


Lithgow new grad physio 2018.jpg

Lithgow Hospital new graduate physiotherapist, Rachel Haines

Lithgow Hospital also recently welcomed new graduate physiotherapist, Rachel Haines, who says she has valued the variety of work experience available to her at Lithgow Hospital.

“We get all sorts of conditions through the door. This week I’ve already worked with two patients with conditions that I’d never heard of before and that’s been a great learning experience and an opportunity to develop my skills.”

“I really like the mentorship at the hospital and the in-services where I have opportunities to ask questions and learn,” Ms Haines says.

Ms Haines, who is from Sydney, will spend the year at Lithgow Hospital working under the supervision of a senior physiotherapist. She says Lithgow was her first choice for her graduate placement.

“The rural side really appealed to me,” she says.

Ms Haines feels working at Lithgow has given her more hands-on experience than may be available at other metropolitan hospitals. She says her experience so far has made the idea of remaining in a rural area even more attractive.

“It has solidified in my mind that my future is in rural physiotherapy,” Ms Haines says.


Lithgow nurse grads 2018.jpg

Lithgow Hospital new graduate nurses, Beth McGrath and Kristen Sutherland

Lithgow Hospital also received a new cohort of new graduate nurses on 26 February 2018.

The nurses, Claire Clarence, Beth McGrath and Kristen Sutherland, will each undertake rotations through wards and services at the hospital, including the inpatient ward, emergency department and maternity. During their first year, they will work under the supervision of senior nursing staff as they continue to develop and learn.

Ms Sutherland says she is excited to begin her nursing career at her local hospital.

“Born and bred in Lithgow, I’m really excited to work as part of a team and learn new skills at the hospital,” says Ms Sutherland.

Ms Clarence says she aspires to become a midwife and is keen to learn from the hospital’s staff.

“I think the midwives at Lithgow are very skilled. I’d like to study midwifery because I love working with mothers and babies and helping to bring new life into the world.”

Ms Marjoram says, “With the support and expertise of senior staff, our hospital continues to attract enthusiastic and talented health workers. We’re proud to have these developing staff join our hardworking team at Lithgow Hospital in their tireless efforts to provide quality care for our community.”