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Marinelle Doctor receives her award

Marinelle Doctor, centre, receives an award for 'Best New Presenter' (Photo credit: USANZ 2018)

Nepean Hospital research brings better care to patients

13 Mar 2018


Some patients could be discharged more quickly after their catheter is removed thanks to a clinical trial of different procedures by the Urology Research Group at Nepean Hospital.

When a catheter is removed patients must completely empty their bladder three times before clinicians are confident the patient is not a risk of retaining urine which can cause complications.

The procedure can be both disruptive and time consuming for patients says Marinelle Doctor, lead author on a recently presented abstract on the trial.

“There was no scientific evidence on when is the best time to remove the catheter and how to ensure patients void three times in a minimum amount of time,” says Ms Doctor, a Clinical Nurse Consultant in Nepean Hospital’s Urology Department.

“We found of the three techniques trialled, patients responded best when their bladder was pre-filled with normal saline to help shorten the time to their first void and the catheter removed at 6am.

“Patients were able to get back into their routine more quickly and clinicians were able to discharge them earlier in the day.”

By adopting the procedure, clinicians hope more patients will head home sooner and hospital beds will become available more quickly for other patients.

Ms Doctor won an award for her presentation on the trial at the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand conference in Melbourne in February and is presenting the results at the European Association of Urological Nurses conference in Denmark in March.