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A new generation of health

27 Oct 2021


A record number of local Year 12 students will graduate this week with an Assistant in Nursing or Assistant in Allied Health qualification following their participation in our VET in Schools program at Nepean Hospital.

Fifty-nine participants completed two years of nationally recognised training contributing towards their HSC while leaving them with a Certificate III and an ambition for a future in health.

“The program helps to create our future workforce and has great community benefits as we work closely with local schools, students and parents,” says Kia-Lee Sutton, Nurse Educator.

Kia-Lee says the benefits of the training program is not just in helping the students to learn basic nursing skills.

“We get to watch them grow into well rounded young adults ready to take on the world. They are now applying for jobs in our Health District and will soon be my colleagues. Now I get to watch them grow into health practitioners,” says Kia-Lee.

Some students choose to take part in VET in Schools after participating in Health Inspirations or Koori Kids, programs aimed at Year 10 students which introduce them to careers in health. This was the case for Jamison High School student, Jordyn Knight.

“Being a supporting hand in someone’s life at their toughest and most vulnerable time can help them in ways that I still can’t believe. This is what I want to do with my life, make a difference!” says Jordyn.

“Now that I have the AIN qualification, I am hoping to get a position in the casual pool at Nepean Hospital. This will allow me to work while I study Nursing at University. I’m excited to see what my future will look like,” she added.

The majority of graduating students continue their health related career with many joining our casual pool while they undertake further health qualifications.

We wish them every success for their future and hope to see them in our workforce in the coming years.

More information on entry pathways into health careers: