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Dr Josephine Walker

Dr Josie Walker is proud to begin her medical career at the hospital where she was born.

Coming home: Nepean-born doctor returns to begin career

16 Feb 2022


Working at Nepean Hospital is a dream come true for new medical intern, Dr Josephine Walker.

Born at the hospital in 1994, Dr Walker says she recalls being 11 years old and declaring to her parents that she wanted to be a doctor at Nepean Hospital.

“I know it’s corny, but it really is a dream come true,” Dr Walker says. “I’ve always wanted to be a doctor at Nepean Hospital. I feel so relaxed and happy here. I feel like I’ve come home.”

When choosing where to gain the valuable skills and training she’ll need as a doctor, Dr Walker says Nepean Hospital was top choice.

“Nepean is a teaching hospital. It offers a really great learning experience and it’s just a fantastic place to be. The team in the hospital is amazing and supportive,” Dr Walker says.

She says learning in brand new facilities at the new Nepean Hospital tower, opening in the coming months, also presents an exciting opportunity for junior medical officers.

Dr Josephine Walker

Dr Walker’s first rotation at Nepean Hospital is surgery with the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) team. From there the rotations will have her working in geriatrics, the emergency department and orthopaedics.

While she feels more inclined to specialise in medicine, Dr Walker says her surgery rotations offer an exciting chance to get out of her comfort zone.

“I’m very interested in palliative care and oncology. I’d love to do that at Nepean but I’m still very open-minded. We’ll see what life throws at me.”

For now, Dr Walker is excited to be putting her studies into practice, supporting and caring for the community she loves during this challenging and important time.

“Working in a pandemic is a once in a lifetime situation. I’m sure I’ll be able to tell my grandkids one day about how I fought on the frontline,” she says.

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