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Nepean Gateway Clinic Nurse Unit Manager, Lisa Sheens

Gateway to compassionate care

15 Apr 2021


Nepean Gateway Clinic’s Nurse Unit Manager Lisa Sheens is one of many Drug and Alcohol nurses who are doing invaluable work building relationships with their patients to help keep them, their children and families safe.  

Working in the Clinic, Lisa and her team provide multifaceted and patient focused care that is tailored to the needs of the patient.

“Whether it’s through the provision of medication, counselling, social work or education every client, no matter their circumstances or experiences, will receive individualised support,” says Lisa.

Harm minimisation and safety is a key focus of the care and Lisa notes that sometimes the simplest of things can make the most significant difference.

“We ask ‘How are you?’ and for many we are the only ones who ever ask. Our patients know we care without judgment and with respect.”

Patients who use the Clinic often have experienced intergenerational trauma, domestic violence and histories of delinquency putting them out of favour with their communities, however Lisa highlights the importance of seeing their bravery.

“They are human, they deserve to be treated as such and what’s often misunderstood is the significance of them choosing to start treatment”.

Lisa says there are many benefits for patients who keep up with treatment including decreased criminal behaviour and a significant increase in their quality of life.

Clients have a range of treatment choices that can be catered to their lifestyle. These choices empower them with freedom and flexibility so they can continue to live their lives.

The most rewarding part of Lisa’s job is seeing those former patients return to the service wanting to be advocates of their programs.

“They value you because you value them,” says Lisa.