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Dr Elspeth Jarman and Dr Henry Gao with Lithgow Hospital General Manager, Jill Marjoram

Lithgow rotations offer valuable experience

12 Jun 2018


A program offering rural rotations at Lithgow Hospital is giving junior doctors the opportunity to gain valuable hands on experience in a rural setting.

The first Resident Medical Officers to take up the 10-week rural rotation at Lithgow Hospital in February 2018, Dr Henry Gao and Dr Elspeth Jarman, said they particularly enjoyed the support of senior staff and the unique opportunities the rotation offered.

Dr Gao says working at Lithgow was “a refreshing change” that offered greater learning opportunities and hands-on experience.

Dr Christopher Lindall, who began his 10-week rural rotation at Lithgow Hospital in April, says he was eager to take up the rural rotation and make the most of the opportunities available.

“In the time that I’ve been at Lithgow, I’m really glad that I’ve come here because I’ve enjoyed the experience,” Dr Lindall says.

“There are lots of opportunities available at Lithgow Hospital that wouldn’t be as easy to come by at a hospital in a metropolitan area. I would definitely say a rural rotation is worth it as a different experience but also one that has very different opportunities that you can’t get elsewhere.”

General Manager Jill Marjoram says, “The new learning the residents are exposed to in the rural setting adds great value to their practice.”



Dr Christopher Lindall