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The Laeliiee family

Baby Talitha-cumi in the arms of Ta-avili, with Toese and sisters Rosemary and Karen.

Nepean Hospital welcomes first baby for 2019

02 Jan 2019


Talitha-cumi was in a hurry to see the New Year when she arrived almost two weeks early to be the first baby born at Nepean Hospital in 2019 on 1 January at 540am.

Weighing a healthy 3375 grams (7lbs 7oz), Talitha-cumi is the third daughter for mum, Ta-avili Lealiiee and dad, Toese Lealiiee.

Mrs Lealiiee, from Ropes Crossing, says her baby was due on 13 January but she knew on New Year’s eve that the birthday was going to be much sooner. She experienced labour pains during a church service.

“We all said a little prayer to put it (the birth) back a bit until after the church service,” says Mr Lealiiee.

The family’s prayers were answered and not long after they returned home from church, Mr and Mrs Lealiiee were back out again this time at Nepean Hospital.

“There was a very special gift for us for the New Year,” says Mrs Lealiiee.

The name, Talitha-cumi, has its origins in ancient Aramaic and means ‘little girl arise’.

Baby Talitha-cumi will join older sisters Rosemary, who is nine and Karen who is five.

We are so grateful to have a new life join our family says Mr Lealiiee.