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Renal Care offers a helping hand

09 Mar 2021


Patients are tapping into their inner artists to improve their wellbeing and help them take charge of their treatment and rehabilitation.

Jennifer Moss is putting her creative talent to use while she undergoes treatment for kidney disease in the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District.

Joining an art program currently run in the renal and dialysis centre, Jennifer used her time to produce a piece of art that symbolised her journey.

‘A Hand of Help’, is about someone lifting up the other person and offering a hand. This painting makes me feel that I am being lifted up and supported by someone with more strength. I feel safe, secure and wanted,” says Jennifer.

Clinical Psychologist for Renal Supportive Care, Shruti Venkatesh says the art program has been very popular since its launch.

“Patients want to play an active role in their dialysis treatment. Creating artworks are a way to stimulate the mind and help create positive, welcoming environments for patients of our services,” says Shruti.

“There has definitely been an increase of enthusiasm among patients who participate in the program.”


Jennifer Moss' artwork 'A Hand of Help'


In Australia there are 5 million people at risk of kidney disease, with 1.5 million unaware they may be living with early signs of the disease.

Thursday, 11 March is World Kidney Day and if there is one message the Renal and Dialysis team wants to share it’s that of awareness.

Dr Michael Noel, Renal Supportive Care Physician says early detection lets clinicians take steps to delay the progress of kidney disease.

“It’s easy to get a kidney health check and usually involves a simple blood pressure check along with urine and blood tests to help provide an indication of any disease,” says Dr Noel.

“Renal Supportive Care is there to support patients and their carers in their battle against end stage kidney disease and the challenges that the treatment itself also brings.”

Kidney Health Australia also has a simple online test to assess your risk of kidney disease.

If you are concerned or want more information please contact your GP.


Artists who have contributed to the program: