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Kaitlyn Trompert-Thompson

Resident reflections

17 Feb 2021


As a new cohort of interns begin their careers within our District, Nepean Hospital resident, Kaitlyn Trompert-Thompson has reflected on her career so far and what continues to drive her.

What stands out most to Kaitlyn is how the rewarding nature of caring for people has brought a great deal of job satisfaction.

“It’s a privilege to be able to help people and for me, helping people when they’re in some of the lower moments of their lives brings a lot of joy,” says Kaitlyn.

“You feel like you’re doing good and that motivates you to work harder, to learn more, to learn from your mistakes and do better for the next person.”

As a resident, Kaitlyn will spend her second year at the hospital rotating through medical specialties.

“I’m on paediatrics at the moment and that’s where I’m interested in going long-term. This year, residents will be finding their place within this giant machine that is a hospital and the health care system and then applying for jobs,” she says.

Reflecting on her previous year as an intern, Kaitlyn says the support available at Nepean Hospital has aided her training.

“The staff here are very good and very supportive. I think it made for a good internship, a good start for our careers and our learning journeys.”

When offering advice to this year’s new intern cohort Kaitlyn says enjoy the year ahead.

“It’s a lot of hard work, so don’t expect to get off lightly but it can be really enjoyable. The biggest thing that we’ve been trying to teach the interns while they orientate is to ask for help. Whether it be us, the residents or people above us – ask for help, there’s always someone around to lend a hand.”